Personalization Around Each Shopper’s Style

FINDMINE takes your product catalogue and merchandiser’s looks, runs them through our proprietary algorithms and combines them with user data to highlight your goods in each shopper’s perfect outfit, on your site, in your ads, your emails, and even in your stores.

Personalized Styles Suggested


FINDMINE tailors outfits around what your user found, what we know she likes, and what she already has so she can shop the look with no extra work for you. Like having your in-store personal shopper live online.

Your Retargeting Campaign Is Boring


That same old jacket following your target customer around isn’t going to help if the reason she didn’t buy it is that she doesn’t know how to wear it. Show her how, without any additional creative or work.

Deliver Real Value in Abandon Cart & Post Purchase Emails


FINDMINE can whip up looks around abandoned carts and/or recent purchases to give shoppers real value and increase the chances of conversion or closing an incremental sale.

We’ll Be There When Your Associates Aren't


Your associates are great at providing advice and gathering products. Your merchandisers are great at creating inspiring displays. But they can’t be everywhere at once. FINDMINE can, in your shopper’s smartphone. We’ll suggest creative looks around what she’s found and can alert associates so whole outfits are waiting for your shopper in the dressing room.

Ready to Learn More?

To discuss a trial, pricing, or to learn more about how much fun we are to work with, drop us a line!